Anne Wood Wild at Heart Studio

I am a painter of abstracted landscapes and seascapes in acrylics.  
Also pure abstract paintings in oils.

 My Studio Cabin is set in the wild garden.
I can open on Sundays for campers.

Please ask if you wish to visit...

11am - 2pm



A selection of my new paintings...

I am making acrylic pieces on paper and panel.   Many are small to use as greetings cards.   Each painting is unique and a 'one-off'.

Cards and small paintings are for sale in my studio.


'Bluster'...a wild day of wind and rain.   Acrylics on 400gsm textured paper 6 x 6 inches.   


'Swept'...a 6 x 6 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight textured paper.  Inspired by the weather.

'New Day'...a tiny one, 4x4 inches.   Acrylics on 400gsm textured paper 


'Another New Day'...small is fun.   Acrylics on paper.  About 4x4.5 inches 



'Shore'....a new acrylic painting on 24 x 24 x 2 inch cradled wood panel.

An atmospheric abstracted seascape.  
This picture will be framed for an exhibition.


Some of my paintings are tiny...this is a new acrylic piece on heavy paper.

It measures about 5 x 4 inches.    Small is ok!


'End of Day'

A small 8x8 inch acrylic painting on cradled wood panel 

Another new painting...

'Velvet Shore'  Acrylics on 20 x 20 inch cradled wood panel.   Can be framed or left unframed with the sides painted.   



Calm before a storm.   The beach at low tide.

Acrylics on 6 x 6 inch Ampersand panel 

£ 40 from Studio unframed 


'Damp Morning' ...a small 6x5 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight paper.  

'Soft September 3'...a 4x4 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight paper.




An acrylic painting on 400gsm paper 6x6 inches






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