New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve 2021 and it's very mild today.   I walked with Whippet around the paddocks watching birds feeding.   The recent wet weather has given them plenty of worms.   There was a woodpecker on a Silver Birch dead branch too.

Now all the leaves have fallen, the fields beyond can be seen.   Amongst the outlines of branches, a squirrel's nest is on view.   I don't think it is a crow's nest.



I like the ivy growth on some provides shelter and food for wildlife.  Although the sky looks stormy it's forecasted a dry day and staying mild.  


In 1970's the Dutch Elm disease killed our lovely trees.  One by one they succumbed to the beetle's damage.   However, some regeneration from the rootstock is happening and suckered growth.  One in particular is quite tall now. I hope the beetle doesn't find it.   


Here is the tall Elm the left is the large Oak.   

Good wishes to my followers for 2022.