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  1. The weather this week has been gentle...warm sunshine and little wind.  I noticed a lack of apples and plums this year.  The few plums we have are being enjoyed by wasps.   Butterflies are beginning to hide in dark corners ready for winter.

    Autumn has arrived.    Hogweed seedheads and white fluffy Willowherb are tangled together in the field.


    Moles are here too and huge piles of soft soil are along the mown paths.  They are a nuisance but I tolerate them and gather up the soil for my plant containers.  

    The tawny owls are around...loudly calling to each other.  I think our garden suits them as they are regular visitors.   



  2. It's a hot day but there is a promise of cooler days after tomorrow.  I took three photos on my walk with Whippet.   It's definitely autumn.  I have put them in the photo gallery.

    The garden is full of Birch seeds covering everything.  I always think it's amazing we are not overrun with saplings.  A few germinate and if I don't want them they are easily pulled out.

    One of the delights each year are the tiny shrubs and trees which are growing unexpectedly in the field.  Squirrels bury Hazel nuts and they must forget about them.   They are safe in their infancy unless the deer eat them.

    I have been making some provisional camping dates for next year.  It's a bit haphazard as I have no clue which dates might be popular.   I shall post them on the site and see what interest it generates.  

    Thats all for now.   More later