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  1. This week I had a change of plan and included 1 to 2 cars into my campsite. I don't have a lot of space for car parking.   Motorcycles and pedal cycles are easy to manage.   

    Nature is bountiful at the moment...with berries and crabapples. Also, the fungi are making an entrance.   The weather is glorious too.   Fly agaric


    Fungi on log pile


    More mowing has been done and the track sides are tidy now.


    Track sides mown 


  2. The mellow autumn sun is a welcome change from last week's wind and rain.  I was wandering round the wild field today just soaking up peace and quiet when I disturbed some pheasants resting in the long grass.   Off they flew squawking and dropped down again amongst the bushes.   They are young ones and take refuge in the tangled dried grass.   

    The deer were here this morning...I didn't see them but heard the sound of hastened hooves in the trees.   We often have them but they are very timid so it's a brief encounter.

    Rose hips are plentiful this year, plump and glossy.   The Rowan berries are often the first to be eaten by foraging blackbirds. Masses of crabapples are a feast for visiting Fieldfares.    A season of fruitful bounty.